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Minor events of daily life are often the source of inspiration for the Norwegian arist, Solveig Marguerite Skogseide, to capture emotions and feelings on the canvas. Hence, human relationships are often a theme that she investigates in her work. Symbols such as the Circle of Life, the Tree of Life and the beauty of hope for the future, belonging and love, come across in her canvases. The larger conspts and events of the world alsso have an impact - in particular, symbols related to caring for the planet are often present.

She grew up in a very creative family, where music was of great importance. The result is that she often thinks of creating a painting in the same way as composing music. The atrist uses strucutres, several layers of paint and often stencils which she creates from her own photograps or drawings. She constantly works with harmony and contrast to find the right balance in the painting - this is the source of the sence of calm that so many viewers find in her work. Solveig M. Skogseide exhibits her work regulary on a nation and worldwide basis.

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